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2024 Canada's Top Growing Companies Application

Thank you for applying to the Canada's Top Growing Companies program. Before you begin the application here are a few things to note.

Your company must have a three-year growth rate of at least 20% to be considered for the program. Applications with a growth rate below the 20% threshold will not be processed.

We will also need confirmation of the revenue numbers you provide below with a submission of financial statements. If you do not have those statements at the moment, you will be able to submit them at a later time. 

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. 

Completing the application will be faster if you know your employee counts, revenue figures and the company’s basic ownership structure before you begin.

If you need to pause the survey and return to it later, click "Save and resume later" at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to create a password. Please choose this password carefully and remember it, as you will not be able to retrieve your survey without it. Once you input your password, you'll be given a link to your password-protected survey in a pop-up screen. You will also be given the option to input your email to have that link emailed to you. We strongly encourage you to bookmark the link and opt for it to be emailed to you.

With those things in mind, please make your responses as specific and accurate as possible.

Remember all applications must be in no later than May 24, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Good luck! 

Report on Business ranking of Canada's Top Growing Companies Terms and Conditions

The Globe and Mail Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Applicant Information

Please note: We're looking for the name you use publicly. This is the name Report on Business magazine will publish if your company makes the ranking.
Your Name*
Are you the company's CEO?*

Company Information


About your CEO(s)

Please note: You can provide information about up to three co-CEOs, provided your company has three individuals who share equal chief decision-making capabilities.

What is your CEO's name?*
Please include extension, if applicable
Does your company have a co-CEO (or co-CEOs) who share(s) equal chief decision-making capabilities?*

About your co-CEO

What is your co-CEO's name?*
Please include extension, if applicable
Does your company have a third co-CEO who shares equal chief decision-making capabilities?*

About your third co-CEO

What is your third co-CEO's name?*
Please include extension, if applicable

Company background and operations

Note: This will be the basis of the description used in publication. Your answer will be edited for magazine style, space and clarity
E.g. "Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Business Services, etc.
What is the founding date (month and year) of the company? *
Please note: The founding date should represent the start of substantive operations, rather than the date on which it was conceived or legally registered.

Revenue growth

Your company's three-year revenue growth rate will be a function of its total operating revenues in 2023 and 2020 (or 2024 and 2021, if your fiscal year-end is between January and April).

Total operating revenues must include the total revenues of any divisions or subsidiaries, whether domestic or foreign. Revenue should be consolidated, less any inter-company sales, if applicable. Include only operating revenues reportable under GAAP. Do not include government grants.

Please see the Ranking Methodology section of the Canada's Top Growing Companies website for examples of revenue that should not be reported.

2023 revenue:

Please note: If you are about to close a fiscal year in progress, then please provide your best guess for the year in progress. We will verify the final figure later.
In which currency is this revenue figure? *
What is the year-end date for that period?*
Was that period a full 12 months?*

2020 revenue:

In which currency is this revenue figure?*
What is the year-end date for that period?*
Please note: For the 2023 ranking, this date must be between March 31, 2019 and April 30, 2020
Was that period a full 12 months?*
During that period, or in the period 12 months prior to it, did your company merge with, acquire or be acquired by another company?*
Are the revenues of the affected business(es) included in the revenue figures provide above? *
Unique circumstances might be mismatched year-end dates, fiscal years shorter or longer than 12 months, revenue that comprises multiple business units (where consolidated statements are not available), or anything else we should know before verifying your financial data.


The following questions are to further assess your company's eligibility for Canada's Top Growing Companies program. Your answers will not be disclosed. Information about our eligibility criteria is available here.

Please include names and percentage holdings.

Is your company:

Publicly traded?*
A subsidiary of a parent company?*
Is that parent company:*
Related to any predecessor companies?*
A not-for-profit organization? *
A franchisor?*
A franchisee?*
Part of a network of companies, such as a co-operative?*
Related to any other companies also entering the Report on Business ranking of Canada's Top Growing Companies?*
Is this company or any of its principals under criminal or regulatory investigation, or the subject of a criminal, regulatory or other complaint? *
Please provide all relevant details. We reserve the right to disqualify any businesses undergoing criminal or regulatory investigation, or any other other public complaint, that might discredit the Canada's Top Growing Companies ranking or The Globe and Mail, at our sole discretion.

About your growth

Report on Business is looking to tell interesting stories about companies on the ranking. Your answers in this section will help to inform our editorial coverage.

Does your business sell products or services outside of Canada?*

Submitting financial information

Do you have financial statements ready to upload now, or do you need time to prepare them?*
2020 Financial Statements*
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
2023 Financial Statements*
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Are the attached financial statements audited?

Please Note: Since your financial statements are not audited, upon submission of the form your CEO will be emailed a request to digitally sign a Financial Documents Attestation.

Who is the best person to contact at your company to secure financial documentation and to field any questions related to the same?*

Marketing and communications

Report on Business will announce this year's ranking of Canada's Top Growing Companies on September 27 2024. In the lead-up to the announcement, Report on Business will be offering winning companies marketing and communications support and related opportunities.

Who is the best person to contact at your company for marketing and communications support?*


How did you hear about Canada's Top Growing Companies?
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To the best of my knowledge, the information supplied in this application is true and complete. *
Terms and Conditions*
By clicking the above button, I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, as well as The Globe and Mail’s Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


You have reached the end of the application.

If you are not finished with your survey, please navigate back to complete it, or click "Save and Resume Later" to return to the survey at a later date.

If you are finished with your application, please click "Submit Survey" to send it to the Report on Business Canada's Top Growing Companies research team.  

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